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Our homemade soba, cha-soba, and Udon noodles

  We prepare our soba noodles all by hand every morning to make our customer happy with our noodles.

  By using well-selected  buckwheat flour and natural spring water from Fushimi,our soba noodles taste the true flavor and fragrance of the buckwheat.

  Our Cha-soba noodles are made by adding green tea powder from Uji, where is the famous place as a center of green tea production in Japan, to the buckwheat flour mixture according to our secret own formula, then have just the right amount of mild chewiness. 

  Our udon noodles are made by the special wheat flour,and kneaded using the feet for a great amount of time. This process makes udon noodles pleasantly chewy,firm to the bite, and deliciously lustrous.





Kyoto dashi

   The forth-generation owner of Kanoko restaurant takes over the traditional taste from predecessors. 

   The first thing in every morning, we make dashi from Hokkaido Rishiri kombu (sea kelp), which let it stand for more than three years, and three kind of dried bonitos (Mejika, Urume, and Saba)

   We take plenty of time for dashi to brings out the best of each ingredient, and produce a good quality broth with rich and savory taste (umami). Our sweet and mild dashi are specifically made to go well with our homemade soba, cha-soba,and udon noodles.

Fushimi sake

  Fushimi is a famous place as one of the leading traditional sake brewing districts in Japan thanks to the clean,soft water that flows in abundance underground springs.

We are pleased to offer the premium sakes, which made with only the best part of the rice, like “Junmai Daiginjo”“Junmai Ginjo” and "Ginjo".

  Of course, we also have premium draft beers, brewed from three kind of hops, as well as fruit wines.

Relaxed atmosphere

We offer an peaceful atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your meal. 

There are 30 chairs for tables, and 24 seats for”ozashiki”. In ozashiki area,you can enjoy our meals with watching our Japanese traditional garden. (Please note ozashiki area is opened until 15:00pm)


  We are always grateful for the opportunities to meet you, and always do our best to serve you delicious traditional Japanese cuisine so that you can spend a wonderful time at our restaurant, and you can also say “Oishii!” (Yammy!)